Kahikatea Flat Road, Silverdale
Nth Auckland, New Zealand

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Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand

2016/2017 Holiday Notice

Cypress Sawmill is closed from 1PM Thursday 22nd December to Sunday 8th January 2017
Normal operating hours resume Monday 9th January

Custom Recutting & Machined of Timber

Cypress Sawmill will recut customers' own timber into smaller sizes, then remachine or treat as required.

We will square dress small quantities of your own timber.

Note: We do not normally process demolition timber, and a charge would be made for damage done by steel, nails, etc if we did agree to process demolition or used timber.

Photos of Custom Recutting & Machining of Timber

  • Dry Sawn Macrocarpa

    100x25 Dry Sawn Macrocarpa

  • Dry Clear Macrocarpa

    100x100 Dry Clears

  • 300 by 50 macrocarpa

    300x50 & 200x50

  • Dry Store Macrocarpa

    Dry Store Packets

  • Dry Store Lengths

    Dry Store Lengths

  • Macrocarpa Selection

    Dry Store Selection