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Silverdale, Auckland, New Zealand

2016/2017 Holiday Notice

Cypress Sawmill is closed from 1PM Thursday 22nd December to Sunday 8th January 2017
Normal operating hours resume Monday 9th January

New Zealand Garden Mulch & Compost for Sale

Cypress Sawmill has a large quantity of composted mulch for sale, containing sawdust, shavings, bark, dirt, and topsoil that has been mixed and composted on about a 2 year cycle.

This mulch is screened to remove over sized material which is recomposted, all material is untreated. An unscreened and coarser mulch product is also available.

Our garden mulch is for sale in the following forms:

  • Trailers loaded with garden mulch
  • by the bag (bagged for your convenience)
  • 5 m3 truckloads delivered to Auckland
  • 12 m3 truckloads delivered
  • In bulk loaded onto your truck

Phone for details or come and have a look, our sawmill is open to the public.

Photos of New Zealand Garden Mulch & Compost for Sale

  • Bagged Mulch (Composted Sawdust)

    Bagged Mulch (Composted Sawdust)

  • Garden Mulch

    Garden Mulch

  • Screened Compost Mulch

    Screened Compost Mulch

  • Screened Mulch

    Screened Mulch